Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

What is happening?

Every four weeks I will post 3-4 writing prompts I did. The prompts will be short: approx 200 words. There are two places where I get my story prompts: Writing Exercises and Practice & Play Group from Scribophile.

Writing Prompt 1

In 100 words describe snow.

Socks as gloves - tripled stacked on toes and fingers.

“I’m smoking,” a group of little girls acting ninety with pared down pencils stuck in mouths puffing.

On the telly, it’s soft fluffy fun. In the schoolyard, it crunched together and we threw those bullets opening cuts on frozen cheeks. Not that we cried or cared. A tattletale far worse than stitches.

Traipsed back inside. Socks sizzle on the burning radiators. Coats dripped. Kids shivered. “An bhfuil cead agam dul go dti an leithreas?” One by one we asked to warm up by the dryer.

Outside, sleet turned suspicious snow into slush.

Writing Prompt 2

Write from the POV of a character writing in a journal for the first time.



I’ve finally found the perfect hiding place for you but I won’t write it in case I forget to put you there and She reads you. We both know she only bought you so she could snoop. She thinks I’m having sex… EW! That’s just gross.

Suzy says that she caught her big sister Tammie with her boyfriend and get this HE had HIS HAND in her KNICKERS!! Me and Suzy talked about it for ages but we didn’t know what he’d be up to. I told Suzy that if any boy tried that with me I’d punch them in the apple and when they’re down I’d make sure they stayed down like Uncle Tony always tells me. He says that women on the telly are always getting attacked from behind and it’s because they don’t make sure the bad guy is actually down. He says I’ve to make sure the bad guy is not getting back up before I run and call him up and then he’ll make sure the man can’t make any babies. I’m not sure how that’s relevant but Uncle Tony does talk a lot of shit.

FUCK OFF MAM! You can’t punish me for swearing if you’re snooping!

Writing Prompt 3

Write a paragraph about something precious that is overlooked.

The harsh white light buzzed and fizzed - she stared at herself. She didn’t blame her partner for yelping at her but she did blame him for waking her up. Her eyes itchy and streaming she picked up the glass. Two sheets of bog roll rolled up and stuffed into both nostrils stemmed the flow. Lips red and cracked her breathe rattled in her throat. No moisture left she gulped the sweet water down - her ears popping as air found it’s way out. Never again would she run through a field of flowers.

That’s it

Writing prompt 2 has developed into a full blown story which I promise to post extracts from Monica’s journal. She has an interesting family that’s chock full of secrets and scandals.

Happy writing!

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