Writing Progress

Writing Progress

Dear Penny,

Sometimes it’s so hard to write a letter - just keep putting it off and then weeks have gone by and I haven’t shared any news. It’s the thought of the effort - not the effort itself but the thought that blocks me. To write a letter, I first have to think up an illustration to go with it. Afterwards, I have to decide who I’m writing to and the subject. I lost my Zap book - I can’t have lost it because I haven’t left the apartment in 58 days. It’s here somewhere, I just don’t know where. The Zap book is where I scribble down all my random thoughts and ideas which is what inspires these letters.

It’s cloudy and overcast today. Supposed to rain but the clouds won’t give up their sullen looks. My skin is itchy and irritated - rain already. The weather is like that moment when I feel overwhelmed and I know I just need to sit down and cry. Sky, you’re overwhelmed, let it all go. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

I have to write to Benj and recap all the books I’ve read. I went on a mad streak a few weeks ago but stopped when I knew I had to tell him about all the books - and the thought of writing it out made me all blah.

Good news!

Let’s move on from the meandering depressive path.

I wrote 13K words in the last 3 weeks. I’ve 5 chapters written. They are horrendous - no joke and not fishing for compliments. I’m aware of exactly how bad they are but that’s not the point. The point is to get these chapters written so I can move on to draft 2 of this book. I want to finish off the last chapter and then I’ll take a break from this world.

Do you know what I’ll be doing in that break?

Starting my other book that’s going to be based in Ireland - aka Irish WIP. I’ve been playing and scripting the prologue and first chapter in my head for the last month and I’m itching to start writing. I wanted to advance Silvercore - the fantasy book - before starting the Irish WIP.

In Scribophile, I’m in a group called Art & Craft. Within the group, I’m in a smaller group of around 6 writers. In cycles of 6 weeks - we swap crits with each other. This is why my writing goal was 6 chapters in 3 weeks - to get ready for the next cycle. Also why I need to finish off the 6th chapter. The reason why I want to start a new project is so that I stop the whole should I start rewriting now dilemma I keep running up against. If I’ve another project going on, it should give me the break I need without taking a break from writing.

In theory the plan is fantastic, reality though - well I think you know me well enough that this could explode in my face or work perfectly. Absolutely no way of knowing until I do the thing!

Letter done - as always the actual effort wasn’t as bad as the thought!

What projects are you working on? How are they going?

Have a good day,

Love Lilly

Image created in less then 5 mins on krita - which explains why it’s so bad and blurry! Either I spend way too much time agonising over it or I go eff this and throw something together.

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