Writer's Block

Writer's Block

Day 33

Dear Penny,

Saying I have writer’s block is a bit dramatic. However, I’ve screeched to a grinding halt on the writing front. I can’t even finish the last chapter I’m working on - it’d take about 300 words but I can’t write them.

The advice is to finish the first draft - spit it all out in one go. That’s fine, I did that several years ago. The thing is this draft is the second first draft - which is where all my problems arise. Do I spitball it or do I take my time and polish as I go?

I spit-balled up to my current chapter and now the settings are changing drastically. See, I’m having so much fun researching the settings for the first part of the story that I don’t want to research the settings for the next part.

I’ve been battling myself since the start of April now and I’m blocked. The desire to throughly research and rewrite the chunk of chapters I’ve just written is humongous! However the advice says: finish the first draft.

Betrayal. That’s what I’m feeling: betrayal, shame, and guilt. If I change my plan then I’m betraying that plan which brings on the shame and then the guilt for feeling the shame. Afterwards, I’m in a bad mood. I’m scared too. The reason why that advice is so sacred is because if you’ve finished the draft at least you’ve a work that is finished. You’re not that person who starts a million things but never finishes them - which I am.

I have to give myself permission to change the plan.

I wish someone else would give me the permission yet at the same time I know I’d rebel against whoever thought they had the authority over me - another hiccough of mine. The joys of becoming an adult.

“Keep it fun and stay flexible, and you won’t burn out or lose interest. If you bog down, that’s why you should have multiple projects on the go at once: just turn to another one, and keep writing!

And finish it!”

Ed Greenwood Worldbuilding Magazine Volume 4 Issue 2

Bogged down: that’s me.

Fun and flexible: Here’s my permission from someone else - do I rebel?

I never heard of Ed Greenwood before reading the interview - this bloke has no authority over me. Ed Greenwood is a Canadian fantasy writer and the original creator of the Forgotten Realms game world.

I wrote this quote down in my bujo because it speaks to me in my current dilemma. How do I get back to fun and flexible? By doing what I want to do.

Multiple projects: I do have a completely different story that I want to write for NaNoWriMo this November - so I could work on that when I get overwhelmed by indecision on my Silvercore project.

I give myself the permission to change my plan and instead of writing to the end I’m going to redo the beginning and insert all the awesome worldbuilding stuff I’ve come up with. First though, I still have some worldbuilding to do!

Enough talking about myself and my own problems: how are your projects going? Have you ever experienced any writing dilemmas like this one? Have you had writer’s block? How did you escape it’s clutches?

Love Lilly

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