The Writing Community

The Writing Community

My blog is my journal. I wanted a place that wasn’t a social media account to express myself. When I publish my book (because I will, eventually) and if you decide to buy it, that would be awesome however it’s not the goal of this blog. My goal is to have a safe positive place to truly express myself and my interests.

Which is why I would like to showcase or host other writers or/and bloggers.

Since November, 2019, I’ve gone from nobody visiting my blog to 2-3 people every day, thank you! If I could help these people discover new blogs or writers, that would be fantastic. The writing community is supportive and I want to help out in any way I can.

My new goal, to add to my long list of goals, is to find some writers and bloggers who are willing to be featured on my blog.

To achieve this goal, I’m going to use the groups on Scribophile to find a blogging group. If I can’t find one, I will create one myself. I talk about Scribophile in my post, here.

Honestly, I’m leaning towards creating my own group because that way I am the one making the decisions. The three most important things for me in a group, is that the group has:

  • a clear goal,
  • an active leader,
  • and active participants.

The goal(s) has to serve everyone and not just myself. For the moment, the content I’m thinking of is:

  • a list of blog posts,
  • deciding the purpose of your blog,
  • deciding the frequency you blog,
  • accountability,
  • choosing between different platforms,
  • and hosting other bloggers.

Basically, the goal is how to construct, maintain, and expand your blog.

If I’m to be the leader, well I better not have bitten off more than I can chew. Getting it set up and going will be the toughest part, after that, it should be a matter of checking in and managing the different threads.

The participants, well that one would be out of my control.

I’m still going to have a look for an active group before making any decisions. I also know that the tide is against me because a lot of people will say that blogs and bloggers are a thing of the past. My attitude is if I don’t try, I won’t know. In a few weeks, I’ll update yo guys about this goal, and sure maybe I’ll be hosting a writer!

Image: Virgil Writing His Epitaph at Brindisi, 1785, by Angelica Kauffman, in the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

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