The Block

The Block

Dear Fiona,

I’m so sorry! It’s been too long. I’ve experienced yet another block. After a solid month of flopping around and writing posts but not having the capability to post them - I have some ducks in a row.

The image on this post - it’s class right? Well, I learnt abour vectors last weekend. Vectors means no more shaky lines in krita! It’s amazing. My drawings can actually look good.

Regular posts

I have eight posts planned out for this month - which means I should be back to two posts per week. However, I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot so I’ve decided that if I can do four posts this month - I’ll be delighted.

This post

Actually has a point. It’s not just me rambling on about how awful I’ve been. I wanted to show the vector drawing - did that. And now for:

The Poem

Slick sweat. Flip-flops.

Hand holds the pen.

Overheating laptops

Blank paper again.

Topic chosen. Still struggle.

Random rhymes. Scribbled scratches.

Phrases jostle and juggle

Searching for their matches.

Disjointed discourse dwindles.

Brain bubbles and boils.

Big fat swollen ankles.

Creativity spoils.

Chat time

I wrote this as I tried and failed to write about another topic. It was fun to write: finding the alliterations and the rhymes. It’s a silly poem - not silly in the stupid sense but in the relaxed let’s have fun sense. It perfectly explains my creative and writing block: it’s too damn hot!

Every single time I open my laptop, I groan and shut it off again within fifteen minutes. The poem speaks for itself.


I will try my hardest to post four posts this month - one down. Illustrations are hard to think of but at least they’ll look less like hen scratching now that I’ve discovered vectors.

Have a good week and drink lots of water!

Pen&Quill image created by Lilly Casey.

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