Sick Week

Sick Week

I’ve been hit with a few different types of illnesses to finish off this year! I get quiet graphic in this post, this is my warning, if you don’t like reading about body problems, this is the time to click away somewhere else.

Thursday 05/12

I woke up with a cough. I have to keep an eye on the humidity at all times. We have two humidity measurers (I don’t know what they’re called) in our apartment, to make sure it’s always between 40% and 60%. The problem arises when I’ve to spend time in places which have AC, aka at work.

I could actually feel the dryness in the air on the Wednesday as I was teaching. I had guessed that I may have a cough for a few days.

Friday 06/12

I lost my voice on Friday morning. Still have my cough. I was in a great bit of pain because every time I coughed it ripped up my throat and became a horrible cycle of pain.

I got some cough medicine and took some efferalgan and went about my day.

Saturday 07/12

Allergic reaction time! Backstory first: I had gone to the doctor to see if she had any treatment to get rid of skin tags. She had given me an essential oils treatment, all fine and good except that I did not understand the instructions. Instead of mixing the oils in a bowl, I mixed them on a cotton pad and then applied straight onto my skin.

The result, I basically burnt my skin. My armpits and under my boobs, all red and rashy looking. We went to the pharmacy and they told me to stop immediately, I already had stopped and wait a week to see if it would go down.

Still suffering from my cough, sore throat and general head cold symptoms.

Sunday 08/12

Graphic description warning

I woke up super early, and the itch in my armpits was at a minimum. I spent a few minutes in bed enjoying the silence from the aches and pains in my body. Then, I noticed a feeling I absolutely hate. I thought, oh no, I’m going to vomit. I cannot emphasise enough just how much I hate vomiting. All I thought was please don’t be gastro (the vomiting bug).

I went to the loo and the other end let go. I whispered to myself, I can handle diarrhoea just please don’t make me vomit. I crawled back into bed, but you know that feeling in your stomach when you just know you’re going to throw up? I had it. A few minutes later, I went back to the loo and emptied myself again, as I was turning to flush, I started to vomit.

Thankfully, it wasn’t gastro and I only vomited the once. I think it was either food poisoning or a reaction to Magnesium supplements I had been taking. I spent the whole day in a feverish state.

Monday 09/12

I woke up and my armpits had swollen up. They were so itchy and burning so much. I went to the pharmacy and scared the poor woman by showing her my armpits. She gave me antihistamine tablets, a body wash and cream specifically for irritated and dry skin.

I returned home and took everything, spent the whole day in a dopey place. I thickly applied the cream and oh my god, it was amazing.

Today 14/12

My armpits are returning to their original colour however they are still fairly itchy. I had no choice but to not wear a bra all week. And, no deodorant! I was super nervous about that, but my BO doesn’t actually smell that bad, just normal sweaty smell. I’m hoping that in the next few days, I’ll be back to normal. I still have my cough, but that is the least of my problems. I’m just glad this week is over, and hopefully I can go back to doing all my normal activities.

Image courtesy of wikimedia Francis Matthew Schutz in his bed by William Hogarth.

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