Podcasts Part Two

Podcasts Part Two

The second instalment of the podcasts that I listen to! You can find Podcasts Part One here.

Dr. Death


Reported and hosted by Laura Beil, Dr. Death is a harrowing tale of a doctor who is absolutely terrible at his job. Many professions in this world have to be done correctly, being a doctor is one of them - especially a neurosurgeon.

This podcast tells the tale of this nightmare doctor but also exposes the system that let him carry on working even after it was proven that he can’t do his job.

Do not listen to this podcast if you are about to go under the knife.

Ear Hustle

Ear Hustle & Radiotopia

Ear Hustle is a fascinating podcast that brings the listener into San Quentin State Prison. Hosted by Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods, they talk about all aspects of prison life - inside and outside.

I never would have thought that I’d be interested in this type of podcast but it is one of the most fascinating podcasts out there. It is a whole new perspective, and a new world to delve into.

The podcast has many down points but also many unexpected high points.



Hosted by Kevin C. Olohan, this is the Irish Storytelling Podcast. I found it a few weeks ago and am still catching up on the podcasts. I’m delighted I found it, I love the myths and legend’s that we learnt about in Primary School. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of them.

Storytelling is such a huge part of Ireland and it’s only since leaving the country that I realise how important it is to me. This podcast has helped me stay with my roots.

In the dark

APM Reports

In the dark has two seasons out and I made the delightful discovery a few weeks ago - I’ve never listened to the second season! The first season is hosted by Madeleine Baran and tells the sad tale of Jacob Wetterling, and what seems like a common denominator in the podcasts I listen to - the shoddy police work.

I’m going to take a moment to acknowledge that I’m well aware of how amazing the police can be. It seems that a lot of cases could have been solved in hindsight.

Season two is also hosted by Ms. Baran and tells the tale of Curtis Flowers. I’m currently listening to it - for the moment I don’t know what the result is. It is intriguing though.

Irish History Podcast

Fin Dwyer

The name explains this podcast and it’s hosted by Fin Dwyer. Mr. Dwyer goes through all of Ireland’s History. It is a fascinating and long story. I started listening to it to improve my knowledge of Ireland. I wouldn’t say I’ve got any better at telling my countries story because it is complicated but at least I can now tell people to go listen to this podcast!

Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo

CBC Podcasts

The second season is about finding Cleo, the first is about indigenous women who were murdered. It is hosted by Connie Walker and is a heart-breaking tale of a race of people I knew nothing about before listening to this podcast.

And that’s the second instalment

Not all death and murder this time round!

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