Podcasts Part Three

Podcasts Part Three

The next 6 podcasts that I listen to. Click for Part One and Part Two.

Beo ar Éigean


I subscribed to this podcast a year ago when I started learning Irish. I started listening to it last week. I understand absolutely nothing! Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I caught small words like arís, agus, and rudaí eile. As I tell my students - it’s not about understanding. It’s about listening for the tone of their voices, their intonation, and the general flow of the language. It’s amazing how that helps later on when you start speaking the language. I listen to an episode and let the language flow past me. It’s beautiful and relaxing.

Secular Buddhism

Noah Rasheta

I don’t listen to this podcast that much. When I’m not reading my books and actively practising, that’s when I listen to the podcast. The thing is - it’s a particular branch of Buddhism. I’m not willing to go down any branch of Buddhism for the moment. I’m still trying to study the general ideas. At some point, I will check out the different branches. And this version speaks to me. It’s the least religion version. Using the philosophy of Buddhism to live your life.


This American Life

Hosted by Sarah Koenig. This podcast is incredible. There are 3 seasons and each season is laid out like a book. Normally, with this type of podcasts, we know who the bad guy is. Serial introduces stories where you will question who exactly the bad guy is. It shows you the grey bits of justice. Each time you think you’re getting a black or white bit - you slowly realise it’s a nuance of grey again. If you are any way interested in True Crime - I recommend this podcast.

Someone Knows Something

CBC Podcasts

First off, I love the voice of David Ridgen. There are 5 wonderful seasons of this podcast. The cases he presents are heart-wrenching and beautifully done. This is one of my favourites - if not favourite - podcast. I’m always checking to see if there’s a new season out. A bonus is that he is friendly with dogs and he always records a conversation he has with the dogs.

The Adventure Zone

The McElroys

I started listening to this podcast to get better at storytelling. I continue listening because it is hilarious! Three brothers and their father play Dungeon and Dragons type games. It opened up this whole world to me. I knew of D&D through Freaks and Geeks - that tv show from years back. It always makes me happy to hear a family get on so well with one another and then the adventure itself is fascinating. They are all master storytellers and make sure you start from the start!

The Fall Line

Exactly Right

I can’t find the name of the host. The Fall Line is another True Crime podcast that reports the crimes. I use the verb “reports” because a lot of the episodes are of the host talking in a monologue. It is peppered with another woman who interviews the victims’ relatives. I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate and find myself replaying parts. There are 3 seasons - third one running currently. They mainly discuss crimes that have occurred in and around the Atlanta area. They do not solely focus on murder - which is why I continue to listen to it.


That’s it for this part. Next time I’ll be doing the letters M to R as I accidentally skipped those podcasts. I hope you found some new podcasts to listen to!

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