Podcasts Part One

Podcasts Part One

Today’s post is very late. I struggled to think of what I should post and also I was super busy too. I scrolled through lists of “blog post ideas” and nothing looked interesting. Then I remembered: Podcasts.

I listen to so many podcasts. It’s going to take six posts to go through all of the podcasts I listen to. Let’s get started:

Atlantic Monster

iHeartRadio & Tenderfoot TV

There are two seasons, the first deals with The Atlantic Monster and the second with the Zodiac Killer.

I started listening to this podcast after watching Mindhunters season two. I wanted to know more about that fascinating case.


Criminal & Radiotopia

Presented by Phoebe Judge, she brings us a snapshot into every possible aspect of the word “criminal”. Remember doing those brainstorming sessions where you’d write everything down to do with an idea or subject? Well, that’s exactly what this podcast is.

I can’t remember how I found this podcast but I’m delighted I did.


Tenderfoot TV, Black Mountain Media & Cadence 13

Host Dennis Cooper investigates and shares the horrifying tale of Christian Andreacchio.

This is dark and deep. This story is troublesome, my heart goes out to the Andreacchio family and all the shit they’ve had to deal with.

I’m pretty sure another podcast advertised this one and I had to know, I also love Christian’s mother’s accent and voice.

Detective Trapp

L.A. Times & Wondery

Host Christopher Goffard tells the story of an Anaheim homicide detective and her investigation into the murders of several young women.

I found this one through Dirty John. I’m not overly fond of how this one is presented but you may have noticed a theme in my podcast choices (I swear, they’re not all about murder!), it was good to listen to while I waited for other episodes of Criminal to come out.

Dirty John

L.A. Times & Wondery

Host Christopher Goffard describes a story about manipulation and deceit. This story is so bad that I actually had deleted the memory of it, I had to google it to remember what it’s about.

It’s another tough podcast to actually listen to. I found this podcast through Dr. Death, which I’ll talk about in my next podcast post.

And that’s the first five..

Yes, I agree, they are all horrifying and depressing. I’m fascinated by all types of stories and sometimes the most interesting ones are the ones that most people don’t or won’t talk about.

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