New Bullet Journal

New Bullet Journal

The Main Areas

I’ve been waiting such a long time to use this bujo, I think I bought it in October. I carried over the same daily layout I had come up with in my old bujo because it works perfectly. Now, that I’m back actively writing, I started using two pen colours to differentiate between personal and work tasks, and writing tasks.


It’s freeform and I really like this method. Eveything else in my bujo is planned out. This layout can be messy but I find even in it’s messiness, it’s organised. Quite like me.

My calendar or agenda is split up into thirteen weeks. I have week one to thirteen and then it goes into the dailies. This was the only division I could find that wasn’t either too big or too small. It’s slightly different to my old version, I had to change the orientation to fit the hours into the page.


I’ve decided to only fill in one week ahead with my classes because I hate tip-ex and how it ruins the look. Also, the highlighter won’t write on tip-ex, so I can’t write in new appointments - something I’ll have to puzzle out in the future.

Year in Pixels

I’ve seen so many others do this and it’s something I’ve debated a lot with. I decided, sure why not?

Year in pixels

So far, I’ve managed to fill it in. This is going to be tough to remember. I fill it in between half 8 pm and bedtime, so that I can really analyse how my day went. It’s the overall feeling that I’m looking for.

Blog Posts

This page is to keep track of the posts I want to put up here. I have the page divided into the different categories, and then I write down my ideas, whether they are in process, done or deleted.

It came about because I thought I had a ton of ideas to do, when I wrote them all down, I realized I didn’t have that many. It makes the whole process much more feasible, which is important to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed.

Blog Post

I’m very happy with this layout, it’s simple and direct and it keeps me on track.

Rent & Book Tracker

Rent Tracker

This bujo came with some pages already filled in, since I rarely use the Index I decided to use the lovely pre-drawn tables as trackers.

The Rent Tracker is fairly easy to understand: the money I paid and the month I paid it in with space for any added comments.

The Book Tracker is also very simple, the date I started, the title, author and the date I finished.

Next Post

I think my next bujo update will be when the thirteen weeks are up. I’ll put up some images of what these pages look like after the thirteen weeks and see if I’ve made any improvements or adjustments.

Do you have a new bujo? What are the important layouts for you? If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Image courtesy of Constantin Verhout: The Sleeping Student: 1663: Nationalmuseum, public domain

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