Writing Goals 2020

Writing Goals 2020

This blog is working the way I wanted it to, it has motivated me to go back writing. Many years ago, I joined a writing forum: Scribophile, when I started, I was active and motivated. However, like anyone out there who loves to write, there are as many high points as there are low points. For the last two to three years, I hit a major slump. Today, I’m going to discuss this forum, my WIP (Work In Progress), and finally my 2020 goals.


How does it work?

Scribophile is an online writing forum and community. There are two versions: free and premium. The premium costs just under €60, I bought it for the first time this year, and I honestly don’t see myself going back to the free version.

In the last year, my attitude has changed, I now prefer to pay for things when they are worth it. This community is worth it. It is one of the most supportive communities I’ve been involved in. With premium, I get unlimited messages in my inbox, personal and Beta spotlights, I can post more than three chapters at a time and a ton of other bonuses that I haven’t had to time to check out properly. The site isn’t endorsing me. Go check the site!

It works off karma, you critique someone else’s work and you receive points (karma) for it, more points if the work is in a spotlight. There are plenty of articles and links to help you learn how to critique properly, so there’s no need to be terrified. The rule of thumb is write as if it’s your own work so don’t be cruel or nasty and try and be constructive. You need five karma points to post a chapter or piece of writing to have it critiqued by others. And that, is the genius in the site.

What is the site made up of?

There are two social elements on the site, there are the forums and the groups. I primarily prefer the groups, I find them a little more intimate then the forums. However, when I want to have a good debate or write a haiku, off to the forum I go.

There is an Academy, where there are plenty of articles written about the writing craft and how to critique writing.

There is a Blog, which is out of commission but still has plenty of articles to read.

What’s the point of the groups?

There are so many different types of groups, I’m not going to attempt to name them. There are groups on the craft, novels, poetry, short stories and all the aspects of writing you could possibly think of. There are groups for all the stages of writing, first draft, editing, publishing, self-publishing and more.

Some are very active, while others are quiet and there are some that are dead. If you come across a dead one, you can revitalise it!

The main goals of most of the groups (if not all) are to cheer each other on and give advice and pick each other up.

Are you in charge of any groups?

One of my favourite groups, the current leader is spreading their wings and moving on. So, after waiting for someone else to take over, then realising that maybe nobody wants to, I took the reins. I’m now a group leader.

It’s not a huge daunting task but it is another way to keep myself accountable and active in the community.


Using one of the groups I’m part of from Scribophile, I wrote out a big rant about my current situation with this WIP. I wrote it out on Thursday, and since then I’ve written around 1800 words.

I’ve been struggling with the Narrative tenses and show vs tell, two big topics in the writing world. For some weird reason, I kept writing it in present tense. I studied the articles on the site and then imported one article to Scrivener and had it up on the split screen editor while I wrote, to be sure I stayed in the Narrative tense.

Through the Scribophile Site, I am working on keeping the book going, with the help of the groups I’m part of. Which brings me to my goals.

2020 Writing Goals

  • Work on my WIP
    • 12 months = 12 chapters
    • transfer excel spreadsheet into Scrivener outliner
    • put chapters up on Scribophile
      • have them critiqued
      • edit them
  • Work on poetry
    • be active in poetry group
    • analyse types of poems
    • create versions of those types
  • Critique on Scribophile
  • build writing and critique partnerships

With all of that, I think I’ve plenty to go on. It will be a busy year, and no time for social media!

Are you part of a writing group? Online or in real life? Do you like it? What are your writing goals for 2020? Comment below, and let me know.

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