Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Dear Fiona,

Happy Easter!

Day 30

It’s another Draw with Don challenge. What do you think?

As I followed along with Don, I realised that I draw in the reverse of Don. He does the lines first and then colours the image in, while I colour in first then add the lines! I’m still going to watch his videos and try to do an illustration every two weeks - simply because the best way to learn is by copying the masters.

I now understand why I was always a terrible student in school. I had to split my focus over 8 or 9 completely different subjects - I could never focus on any of them. Now, I get to choose what I’m focusing on and I still have a huge quantity of stuff I find fascinating. However I can only ever focus on two subjects per week.

Last week, I started the week studying French and reading. By the end of that week, I dropped the French and took up illustrating. My brain does not have the capacity to add a third subject. In school, I had always felt overwhelmed by all the stuff I was supposed to be focused on. It’s such a relief to know that I’m not an idiot or lazy. I have my own way of learning that doesn’t coincide with the education system.

What about you? How did you get on in school? Have you figured out how you learn? Do you like learning now?

Can’t wait to hear from you! I hpe you have had a great Easter - stuck inside of course - and I’ll chat to you soon.

Love always,


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