School holidays in France. Even though I’m childless and don’t work a school orientated job - we’ve decided to take this week off and spend it in the Jura. It is an absolutely beautiful part of the world and also the birthplace of Silvercore.

Gone are those holidays where I would be stretched out on the couch and the goal was to do nothing. Nada. Now, I’ve got a lot of things I want to get done this week. Nothing to do with work, of course. I will not teach any English this week. I will be speaking a lot of French - but that’s not work.

I brought my schoolbag and I packed it with all the stuff I want to accomplish this week:

  • My kindle:
    • Lady Gregory book

    I don’t plan on finishing the book, only to advance the story. This book will be the ‘I need a break’ task. It is enjoyable.

    • Approaching the Dhamma

    I want to read the next essay and review it

  • In the Buddha’s Words

    Every morning with my cup of cappuccino I read a passage of this book. It is my morning ritual and it’s a very peaceful start to my day.

  • My meditation journal

    I meditate for 10 minutes and then write about my session. Again, it’s a lovely start to my day and reminds me to be mindful throughout my day.

  • My bullet Journal and Waste book

    I never go anywhere without these two. The Waste book takes all my notes, thoughts and stories. The bujo records the facts and important events.

  • My computer

    How else would I keep my blog updated? And I’ve to continue doing my crits on Scribophile. I have to work on Silvercore and the Series Bible. I could not survive the week without my laptop.

  • And Finally, the newest addition: New Hart’s Rules

    I already adore this book! It’s the perfect size to carry everywhere and anywhere. I’ll be reading it a little bit here and there. Personally, rules stick better in my head if I pick them randomly rather than sitting down and studying them for an hour straight.

With all of these things to do, I cannot get bored! My schedule is to work a little every morning, have lunch, after lunch, we will do some sort of activity and then work for the evening.

The main goal is to write chapter 4 of Silvercore - if I succeed in that then I will call this a successful holiday.

Believe me, though, it isn’t all work and no play. I will be having fun all week. I love this part of France and I love going hiking and seeing the forests, lakes and wide-open fields. I will be taking photos and posting them here. Not that the photos do the place justice.

Image taken by Lilly Casey 2020

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