Draw with Don

Draw with Don

Dear world,

Day 18

I went on a mad binge there - writing 1K words five days a week. I crashed over the weekend which is ironic because I’d signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo which starts today. I changed my project around and I’m going to fill up my Series Bible with much needed research.

“That’s all interesting, Lilly, but what’s with the clown?”

Thanks for asking!

I can safely say you all know who Bob Ross is. Well do you know who Don Conroy is? You really should.

Growing up in Ireland we had the telly programme The Den with a whole heap of shows that is a walk down memory lane.

The whole country would Draw with Don - I don’t think I ever did it really. Too busy making newspapers for my dollies.

“Great history story, but you haven’t said anything about the clown?”

Right, I do love to give the back-story.

Browsing Reddit this morning and what do I see: Draw with Don! Sure, I had to click it. Great timing, to be honest, I’d hooked up my Wacom tablet to the laptop over the weekend. Using Paint3d but crikey, it’s annoying and there’s no layers.

I didn’t want to be downloading Photoshop so I went looking for a decent free drawing software programme. I found an open source software Krita specifically for artists.

I haven’t actually learnt how to use it yet - too eager to start drawing with Don. It’s something else to do to help pass the time.

“Thanks for telling me about the clown.”

Ah, you’re welcome! Sure why not give it a go? Draw a clown with Don.

Have a good one,

Love Lilly

Image by Lilly Casey

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