Day 1

Day 1

Dear World,

The zombie apocalypse has arrived. In the shape of a virus. Which, come to think of it is how most of the zombie apocalypses came about. Interesting.

France’s Prime Minister has ordered that only essential businesses are allowed to stay open. I’ll have to work-out from home. All countries worldwide - except for the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and Australia - have come to a screeching halt.

In Spain, people are exercising on their balconies. In Italy, that one saxophone player who has wrecked his neighbour’s ears for years is now entertaining the street from his balcony. In Australia, the PM wanted to have one more party before discussing possibly shutting down their country. Do you hear that, COVID-19, you’re not allowed infect Australia this weekend. There, PM, I told the virus for you.

All over the world, there’s toilet paper shortages - France ran out of pasta but has plenty of TP. I’m sure Macron can make a business deal there.

The question I want to know the answer to is: will we end up behaving like every single apocalyptic Hollywood style movie - and the French series L’effondrement which is about the collapse - where we attack everyone else and are only focused on saving our own-small-bubble of loved ones? Or will we become a community of people who help each other through these odd times?

Spain and Italy are showing the community spirit. UK, Northern Ireland, and Australia are following the Hollywood movie trope - thanks to their respective PM’s.

Take a breath, I’m changing tracks:

The period of isolation for France is set at 8 to 10 weeks. I’ll be emailing work tomorrow to see if I can get my students to use Skype or other video messaging apps. If that doesn’t fly, I’ll be earning zero euros for the next 10 weeks. I’m sure there are plenty of people who are now spending their Sunday panicking about where the next paycheck will come from.

My heart goes out to all of these people. Especially the families with small children. Can you imagine having to explain to a three-year-old why they’re suddenly stuck indoors? Three-year-olds rarely have a sense of time so they’ll be asking after every single nap - are we there yet?

Or imagine being stuck in a house with two sulky teenagers - who do know and understand the situation but are convinced they’re invincible.

Of all those loving couples who have survived because they get to go to work each day and don’t have to be stuck with the odd annoying habits of their loved ones. Dude, you can’t cut your toenails on the kitchen table!

From a writers perspective, this is fascinating. Thankfully, I don’t have small children or teenagers, only a fluffy cat. I hope that my boyfriend and I don’t end up at each other’s throats!

Here’s to Day 1 of isolation - I still don’t know if I’m required to go to work tomorrow. We shall see.

Good luck to you all and stay positive.

Image: Life on a petri dish courtesy of lience

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