Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

is passed down through the family - got my recipe from my friend’s soon-to-be mother-in-law - or you can just Google/Pinterest it. Last year, I made my first one and ate it in the Alps with my boyfriend’s family. It went down a treat and they are happy to embrace any other odd Irish traditions I come up with.

It’s an Irish and a UK Tradition - which naturally brings up the debate on whether we are the same or is there a difference between us. There is. It’s called colonisation.


I have some photos to show you all:

Pudding mixture

The first thing you have to do is steep the mixture in alcohol over night. Unfortunately, it looks and smells like something you threw up after a hard night of drinking.

Packaged pudding

After the night of rest, you can package it all up very nicely - you’ll need a third hand to tie the damn knots. You have to do a bain-marie for a total of six hours. You are allowed to split this up over several sessions.

Next, you force your boyfriend to wait - may need the wooden spoon here.

Cooking pudding

I do the last two hours of cooking just before serving it (that’s four hours beforehand and letting the pudding rest in a cool dry place until Christmas dinner).

Alight pudding

Lads and ladies, then comes the fun bit: Smockysmok heats up the brandy and sets it alight and covers the pudding. Everyone oohs and ahhs.

Brandy butter

I serve the amazing brandy butter and delight in my second year of success while hearing orders for the next 20 odd years.

Huge thanks to Smockysmok. I wouldn’t be able to do it without his help.

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