Buddhism, Meditation & Mental Health

Buddhism, Meditation & Mental Health

This blog is a result of my meditations. I started to notice the amount of time and energy I waste scrolling through Instagram or playing games. I hope that writing, thinking and editing this blog will take the place of those mind numbing activities.

One thing about coming through to the other side of depression that I’ve learned is that trying to accomplish something in one fall swoop is a recipe for disaster. I have so many different areas of interest that if I spend all my free time on my phone, I’ll never do anything.

Since I started this blog last week, I’ve already seen the improvements. I posted twice, finished two books, started a lino-print and wrote a flash fiction piece.


In the month of November, I meditated 11 times. I note down every day I meditate in my bullet journal. I started doing this in November. I will update every month how many times I meditated in that month (regular post!) however the counting doesn’t matter, it’s the action that does. I’m not keeping a scorecard, I’m trying to get a regular practice going.

Meditation is super helpful. When I stop doing it, I notice my mood dropping and things bugging me where they wouldn’t when I’m actively meditating. The end goal is to meditate every day, as I said above trying to do that straight away, will lead to failure. For the moment, I’m meditating every two to three days. I’ve noticed that if I go past the third day I get cranky.


I have been reading In the Buddha’s Words, for about two years now. I try to read one or two passages every morning, usually with my cup of cappuccino. In November, I read 13 passages. Reading the passages keeps the Noble Eightfold Path and Four Noble Truths in my thoughts throughout the day.

Meditating and reading these passages helps me stay grounded. It’s always when I break the routine for a long period of time that I start to notice the difference in my head. When, I’m doing my routine, I’m able to step back from the situation and look at it without getting whirled up in reacting to the emotions that are flying around.

2020 goals

My goal for meditating is to sit at minimum every second day. The length of time doesn’t matter, 5 minutes to 20 minutes, whatever works. I also want to meditate a couple times a day, and try different types of meditations. I might start a journal to record the different types of meditation and my reaction to them, it would help with writing the blog posts too.

My goal for Buddhism, is to continue reading my book, implement the teachings throughout my day and read other books about it (I have a list, I’m working through). This year, I fell out of practice and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Time and time again I find situations in my life echoing the Buddha’s teachings.

My goals for my mental health are to accomplish the above goals, to keep my physical health going strong, and to sleep properly.

I will update each month reviewing the previous month, this is the best form of accountability I can have. Thank you for reading my post, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask below, or any suggestions, comments etc.

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