December Review: Buddhism, Meditation & Mental Health

December Review: Buddhism, Meditation & Mental Health

December review is a bit late, I know. You know how it is though, when you’ve plenty of free time, you end up doing next to nothing!


I read 20 passages of In the Buddha’s Words, I’m now reading chapter six. This chapter isn’t speaking to me as much as some of the previous ones, I think I have to sit down and study the passages instead of reading them. However, that’s my plan for when I’ve finished the book, to go through it and pick out random passages and take a deeper dive into them.


I meditated 13 times in December. I started a meditating journal where I write the type of meditation I did, the duration and my thoughts before, during and after the meditation.

I’ve learnt that doing a meditation between 5 - 7 minutes is too short for me, I barely settled on the task at hand and it’s over. Anything longer than 8 minutes is a good session. I did accomplish a couple of 20 minutes sessions which I’m delighted with.

I’m using the app Buddhify and I’m enjoying it. It, unlike every other app out there, does not concentrate on your streak. Which is one of the main reasons I got it. I dislike the in-your-face pressure inducing method of the other apps. The streak is not important. Yes, I do track my sessions but I don’t put any pressure on myself. I’m here to become a better person, not to have a 200 day streak.

Mental Health

I’m very happy with my accomplishments in December. I’ve started my Year in Pixels in my new bujo and that is another way for me to keep track of my moods and feelings. I’m really looking forward to this year. My boyfriend cut my hair yesterday and shedding that hair made me feel like a whole new person again. It’s such a nice feeling. Let’s see what January holds for me.

Talapoin en meditation par A. Jourdain, image in the public domain

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